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DATUM 16. Apr. 2021 - 22. May. 2021 Ort DIEHL

Susan Hefuna, Angst Eats Soul, 2015



Susan Hefuna has been creating her striking graffiti-like textile works since 2001. Encompassing costumes and textile wall pieces, she draws on a variety of influences and traditions from around the world and in doing so, has developed her own unique artistic language. 

Hefuna works with Egyptian cotton, creating connected dots and lines, structures familiar from her multilayered drawings.
The structures appear like constellations, a stellar network stretching out against a night-time sky of the black cotton, a galaxy of letters, shapes and colors. The collages trigger varying emotions and feelings in the viewer.


"...Hefuna's work is perhaps the suggestion of the palimpsest that is seemingly the most provocative, not only in its sense of commensurate masking, but in the sense that it actively connotes feelings of hidden injustice that Hefuna has latterly brought to light. For as Derrida once suggested, the palimpsest presents the spectrality of the present moment, while containing aspects of the past hidden inside it as an inferred projective future…"


Excerpt, Mark Gibourne, 25. September 2020