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DATUM 29. Oct. 1997 - 09. Nov. 1997 Ort Leibnizstraße 65

Jaume Plensa, Installation der Arbeiten “Selfportrait“, 1997

"The artist is a geography in transit, a bridge"


This phrase by Jaume Plensa, one of the most heterodox artists on the international scene, might be said to perfectly sum up his life and creative career, in which the physical relevance of thought has shaped ana oeuvre full of numerous different facets: time as substance, the production of silence and the question as direction.


In Plensa's work, light, glass, water, metal and sound blend with poetry to make us see the proximity between space and thought (one thought fills immensity), and clearly show that the word now become a door, is the container of an overall memory much broader than our own recollections. 


With the naming of the material components of the human body, Plensa unfolds an entirely new sculptural-mental form in order to present a concept of the human body. The ingredients of the human body appear as well upon the doors of three safe-like cubicles whose golden reflecting surfaces of glistening brass evoke the hermetic seal of high-security cells that contain precious contents. Self-portraits is the name which Plensa gives to these housings, into whose dark onterior spaces the viewer can climb, as if into another body.


Carsten Ahrens