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I Is Someone Else
DATUM 10. Jun. 2022 - 31. Aug. 2022 Ort DIEHL ERÖFFNUNG 10. Jun. 2022 18:00

An artist part of the second generation of Moscow Conceptual Art that arose in the late 1970s and through the 1980s, Yuri Albert represents a singular position related to the Gnezdo (Nest) group in Moscow, where stress is placed on conceptual processes within art that are extended into the polemics of artistic reception. His focus often seen through his conceptual strategies and performance related to text-based works, is less about a chosen subject but rather engages with the generative processes and spectator responses to the concept that informs the reasoned intention of making. This said Albert’s conceptual approach does not necessarily empty out the pictorial (as was often the case with Kosuth), so much as synthesise it with a new meaning by textual metaphor. That is to say a visual figure of speech that forms a transfer of thought or displacement that must be newly contested in the mind of the viewer, as seen in the comic strip series The picture as a caricature from the 1990s, or the satirical pun on 1980s appropriative repetition as in Neo-Geo, from 1988-90.The artist is now an international figure and important exponent of Russian Conceptual art. Albert uses ready made objects and/or found ideas, derived images and textual appropriations, but his art rejects overt uses of symbolism and/or the directed deferential iconic resources, as the artist has stated “What I do is art after and instead of art” or “I am interested in art’s capacity to be a metaphor for itself.”

- Text by Mark Gisbourne