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DATUM 06. Aug. 2021 - 29. Oct. 2021 Ort ONLINE EXHIBITION



DIEHL Gallery is pleased to participate in ArtCircle's third and final online exhibition.


Artists: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Isabel Kerkermeier, Barbara Levittoux-Świderska, Monika Michalko, Timur Petrovich Novikov, Wojciech Sadley, Magda Skupinska, Billie Zangewa


The third and final part of THE HAPTIC EYE is entitled "Pathways of Dexterity" and focuses on the maker's intimate and sensory interaction with materials and the art works or things made or realised.


If THE HAPTIC EYE Part 1 "Eyes of the Skin" and Part 2 "Tactile Visions" placed an emphasis on touch and the body, and then optical sensations of sensory displacement, this last Part 3 focuses on the material processes of making.


We follow the idea of what Maurice Merleau-Ponty calls the “flesh of the world”, lived experience, the aletheia (disclosure) of the visible and the invisible, that which is expressed as immanence in the relationship between touch, touching, and the touched, or stitch, stitching, and stitched. A unique sense of reciprocity achieved between the material and immaterial contents at work in making and the made. Following on from a continuous soft sculpture that stresses affective “qualities” of the malleable, pliable, foldable, we pursue the idea that the material is amenable. This is to say, the materials used have natural limits of applicability, and that the creative artist works with and at the boundaries of the given material’s aesthetic possibilities.


The artist’s chosen for this final presentation have particular gifts and creative powers that emphasise material manipulation, intrinsic qualities that heretofore are understated. This being the case they have an intuitive sense of material synthesis, forge together the visual idea through the processes of making made manifest by their presence. With this capacity the artist reveals haptic expressions whereby the materials unfold the affective life of the maker just as much as the maker fabricates the nature of the work.


“We can experience things—can touch, hear, and taste things—only because, as bodies, we are ourselves included in the sensible field, and have our own textures, sounds, and tastes. We can perceive things at all only because we ourselves are entirely a part of the sensible world that was perceived, We might as well say that we are organs of this world, flesh of its flesh, and that the world is perceiving itself through us.
“Touching and Being Touched”
The Spell of the Sensuous (David Abram)


curated by Mark Gisbourne