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DATUM 11. Jun. 2020

How do you feel in this new reality which is neither a book nor a sci-fi film, and is happening to all of us in the here and now?


It’s very difficult to describe.


I try to understand what is happening.


What’s happening to the world, and what does it mean to me and in my personal life.


It’s still very early, but I know the economical changes will be enormous, I’m afraid.


And they will last much longer then we would like.


There is a new BC and AC now, after 2020 years.


A lot of downs already and in the near future. A lot of people will be suffering, loosing their jobs, facing huge financial problems, etc.


It’s much too early to get a clear picture. But we should use the time proofing and questioning the past and certain developments in the art world.


Do we really need more than 800 art fairs and more than 500 biennales per year, worldwide? Maybe fewer numbers will bring more quality.


For me, personally, I’ve learnt in life and through at least two heavy crises in the past that if one door is closing, another door will open. I basically keep my optimism, try to tighten my belt, and collect as much information from my friends in the international art world as possible. Make decisions week by week, day by day.


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