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DATUM 04. Nov. 2020



DIEHL Gallery is pleased to participate in ArtCircle's second online exhibition.


Artists: Zofia Butrymowicz, Charles Chamot, Lizette Chirrime, Margret Eicher, Susan Hefuna, Emo de Medeiros, Jolanta Owidzka, Magda Skupinska, Natasha Yudina

The Haptic Eye: Part Two “Tactile Visions” focuses on the nature of optical stimulation, which is to say how colour and the sensate qualities of various materials can generate a retinal charge, and have the capacity to enervate extended sensory experiences. Whereas The Haptic Eye: Part One “Eyes of the Skin” focused of materials and objects that might relate in some way to the body, “Tactile Visions” chooses to express wider sensory experiences of eye and mind, ocular capacities that are broadened through extended sensory perception, where visual experience as effect can often lead to and provoke an intuitive sense of immanent affect. As with “Eyes of the Skin” in “Tactile Visions” the emphasis continues to stress haptic qualities such as malleable and pliable presence, but at the same time they are inflected towards ocular-feelings of touch as sensory abstraction—experiences that might well be called an expansion of the empathetic gaze 


An emphasis is placed on the variability of image and viewing subjectivity of contents, bringing together image materials and cultural sources and histories that might not otherwise commonly be brought into immediate juxtaposition. The interaction between the ethnic variables is made to increase an awareness of each works’ capacities to create a differently experienced haptic sense in the viewer. The pictorial causality of affect may vary from the purely coloristic aspects and intensities, to specific details that suggest other intellectual to pictorial invocations.


“…Imagination is always seen to be the faculty of forming images. But it is rather the faculty of deforming the images offered by perception, of freeing ourselves from the immediate images: it is especially the faculty of changing images. If there is not a changing of images, an unexpected union of images, there is no imagination, no imaginative action.”


Gaston Bachelard

Air and Dreams: An Essay on Imagination and Movement, 2002