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DATUM 25. Nov. 2017 - 17. Feb. 2018 Ort DIEHL ERÖFFNUNG 24. Nov. 2017 19:00

Simon English, I Am Not Justin Beiber, Installationsansicht @DIEHL 2017

"Guilt, innocence, hate, dream, paradise, love between man and beast, transformation of man into beast, from beast into monster, from man into devil, all drawn in freedom on paper, nothing left out; the robot bodies, the machine beasts that we are. Immortal moment of mind and body becoming one, it remains unnamed. Here lies xland redeemed.


To fuck, to paint, to write any moment, unable to do anything else. Unable to do anything else than either to fuck or to paint or to write. Unable to do anything else confirms Lacan, I didn’t want to do that now, really now. I take it back.
and who are you?
no more pics?
sometimes, I wish I were Simon
sometimes, I wish I were true"

Auszug aus dem Gedicht 'interrupt me / surprise me' von Hendrik Jackson & Verena Stauffer.


Geschrieben für den Katalog MY BIG SELF DECOY JUSTIN BEIBER, der anlässlich der Ausstellung I AM NOT JUSTIN BEIBER britischen Künstlers  Simon English erscheint. Eröffnung und Buchvorstellung am Freitag, 24. November 2018 von 19 bis 21 Uhr bei DIEHL.
On view: 25. November 2017 - 2. Februar 2018.