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DATUM 28. Apr. 2012 - 02. Jun. 2012 Ort DIEHL

Notes on a Dirty Pot by Simon English

„In 2010... I was invited by Meissen to come and visit the Factory and stay in Dresden for a few days. The promise of a collaboration with free reign to make sculpture made me feel like I had won the Golden ticket to Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory. The timing could not have been better. And I converted my studio into an imaginary annexe for Meissen. My thoughts were set on making (Porcelain) and mending (a broken heart.)


Maybe it was my dirty pot drawings or my over ambitious requests that led me into the fiery proverbial kiln like the fete of those greedy children with the golden tickets.


All correspondence appears to have ceased.

The Dirty Pot Works are not really sculptural drawings or viable preparations for the three dimensions.


They are, as always, Drawing Hybrids of their own making, conceived on the blank page and filtered through the residue of THE LIFE MATERIAL.”

The Dirty Pot drawings form part of a series of works spanning a year and a half.

Time permeates the narrative:

Whether concerning the short life of a fly, born from the belly of a dead rat beneath the floorboards, beating it’s tiny wings against the poisoned frosted glass windows of the cloistered world above or a life in the day of Spurty Butterfly who flutters and ”fritters away the hours in an off hand way“ on the Dark side of the moon.


Fact, fiction and fantasy are thrown into the Dirty Pot

Is it his story? Your story? Or the life of the little souls in the work?


On Monday when the sun is hot
I wonder to myself a lot
Now is it true or is it not
That what is which and which is what ?

A.A Hodge, 1823-1886



Bekanntheit erlange Simon English 1994 mit seiner allerersten Ausstellung in der Saatchi Gallery, in der er als Teil der Young British Artists III ausstellte. 2005 veröffentlichte er seine erste Monographie Simon English and the Army Pink Snowman (Blackdog Verlag) mit ausführlichen Essays von Bill Arning und Stella Santacatteria. Zu seinen letzten Ausstellungen gehört Aspects of Collecting im Essl Museum in Österreich, die zusammen mit weiteren, vom Louisiana Museum, Dänemark ausgesuchten Werken gezeigt wurde und später in das Arken Museum in Dänemark weiterzog.