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FIVE ARTISTS FROM UKRAINE - 'Out of the Depths...'
DATUM 18. Mar. 2022 - 21. Apr. 2022 Ort DIEHL

In the mayhem of the current moment five Ukrainian artist voices bear witness to the immeasurable suffering of a people and their country. In recognition of a powerful and plaintive appeal at the present time, Galerie Volker Diehl has organised an exhibition that will endeavour to give affective and material support to five artists and their families in Ukraine, and at the same time further charitable support to organisations that seek to alleviate the widespread suffering being born by the current conflict. The cross-generational group of Kyiv artists includes, Badri Gubianuri, Serge Momot, Serhiy Popov, Constantin Roudeshko and Tiberiy Szilvashi. While not a singular position or movement the artists operate within the broad traditions of geometric and informal abstraction, monochrome, Op Art, and what is sometimes called metaphysical painting, sculpture, and on occasion have used video. In works like Gubianuri’s monochrome, executed with used monastery candle wax stubs, we gain an immediate visual access to art works revealing an emotive haptic sense of intuition and perception. Szilvashi articulates optical-dialectical monochromes, Serge Momot focuses on compositional field abstraction, and by extension Roudeshko engages with direct forms of optical perception, whereas Popov works with object-sculpture-paintings expressed by abstraction and symbolism. Art works by each artist will be exhibited with a view to revealing the rich depths of the tradition of abstract art in Kyiv, an art sorely pressed by the current destruction of the city and their country. In these times of historical travail artists are the watchmen/women of our humanity. Also—simultaneous with the opening—there will be a book launch of Tiberiy Szilvashi, Rembrandt Zoom (Melancholie als Alchemie der Malerei) published by ciconia ciconia Verlag and translated into German by Hendrik Jackson, Berlin. 


Mark Gisbourne

Translated into German by Hendrik Jackson.

Published by Volker Diehl. No. 20 | 204 pages.

Limited Edition of 500.

ISBN 978-3-945867-20-4
Tiberiy Szilvashi: Rembrandt-Zoom. Melancholie als Alchemie der Malerei